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Francis & Blanche opened Sambogaya in 2023 as a home for their shared love of music, dance, movement, meditation & community. Sambogaya is derived from the Tibetan word Samboghakaya which translates as ‘the pure realm of sound and light’ ~ essentially ‘the Dance’. We welcome you to Sambogaya to discover, explore and celebrate your unique place in this cosmic dance as together we let body, heart and mind remember its connection to the source of all existence. 

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I currently work as a 5Rhythms teacher, Jnana yoga facilitator & active father to my two teenage sons. Over the years I’ve been greatly influenced by various extraordinary teachers whom I’ve been lucky enough to study with & I feel particularly indebted to Thich Nhat Hanh, Didier Danthois, Adyashanti & most importantly Rupert Spira & Gabrielle Roth; the latter of whom took me under her Raven wing back in 2000 & guided me to turn my life inside out by teaching me the art of experiencing and exploring life as an awesome Dance from whose perspective we are already free. I completed my training with her in 2005 and under the guidance of other meditation teachers have been developing skills to guide people into this experiential perspective ever since. I teach as I like to be taught: with sensitivity, integrity & humour, passionately transmitting an embodied understanding of the transformative power of the practices I teach.


Gabrielle Roth saw no separation, all she saw in the human being was the dance of creativity, manifest as well as in potential. This welcoming of Francis as nothing short of an innately creative being was something I’d never encountered before. Never before had I felt truly seen and met in the limitless way that Gabrielle saw me. She gave me a new way to see myself and the world. Yet she didn’t just awaken me to the fundamental existence of this vibrant creativity that we all are, she provided me and countless others with an extraordinary path from which to awaken and nurture the development of this creativity in the day to day world. Consequently my primary spiritual practice for the last 20 years has been Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms and I continue to dance, study and teach the practice regularly.


For the last 10 years my teaching has been heavily influenced by my ongoing studies into the nature of consciousness through my current teacher Rupert Spira with whom I’ve attended over 20 week long retreats. The liberating realisation and consequential experiential understanding of who the ‘I’ truly is has taken the tension out of my teaching and opened up my events to being a place to experience the presence of our truest unified self. I don’t facilitate people to improve themselves, for they are already this whole, timeless, infinite being. Instead I create a space for people to come to the experiential understanding that the dance of body, breath, mind and emotions is this very consciousness in motion, inseparable from the different parts of itself and already liberated. In allowing life’s dance from the perspective of unity, the mind, body and emotions find their natural harmony, and in time we get to see from our hearts that contrary to what our culture tells us, happiness and peace is our true birthright.


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Blanche is a qualified Somatic Movement Educator & Therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner with a deep passion and endless fascination for this field of work.  

With a background in mental health, having worked as Deputy Manager at Lothlorien Therapeutic Community, a residential project in Scotland for people in recovery from psychosis, she then went on to teach on the faculty of Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training (Somatic Yoga & Mindfulness accredited program) for 10 years. She currently assists on the Somatic Experiencing trainings in London (with SOSI).

Blanche is passionate about awakening the natural intelligence of the body and allowing this to guide us, to reveal to us our deepest essence. The focus of her therapeutic work is on reconnection to Self, Other and the earth, the embodied imagination and the healing of relational wounding and trauma. Her approach is intimately informed by her dedication to meditation and embodied presence.


She facilitates retreats, workshops and events to create safe spaces for people to enquire into their embodied knowing, healing, liberation and creative expression. Blanche also offers one to one trauma therapy for supporting nervous system regulation. 

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